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Fechter's Finger Flicking Frolics 2004

Obie O'Brien
The Head Forker
Starting The Festivities For
FFFF 2004 (DAY 1).

Obie O'Brien
The God Father of Close Up Magic

The Mark Mason Lecture

On the left is Mark Mason from England starting his lecture. Mark told everyone that he was going to do his two favorite card effects. Mark has Roger Klause freely select a card. Roger displays his signed selected card which Mark had Roger place back into the deck. The first effect was a three card monte routine using two like cards and one money card. At his disgression Mark could either let the spectator find the money card or not. The second effect used Rogers signed card. But the second effect was actually the end on the first.
Rogers signed card turned into the money card.

On the left we see Mike Powers selecting a card and on the right Mark finds the card sandwiched between the jokers. I think the same method was used to discover Mikes selected card as was used on Roger.

Here selecting a card is Tony Price from Belgium. Mark finds the card in his shoe. This effect alone is worth the price of a lecture.

Mark also did some fine rope magic as seen in these two pictures. Included was a clever dancing rope routine.

Mark is demonstrating his version on the classic
And is being assisted by Bob Miller.
May The Force Be With You.

Above Harold Cataquet also had the opportunity to hit the classic
Again and agian and again.

Above Mark shows his classic to
On the left Dave Oestreicher and on the right to Hayashi.

Mark lecture also included some nice work on a
Coins across routine and card to pocket. Both very visual!

If you have not been to a FFFF convention before
well now is when the real fun begins.


They will be going on until the next days events start!