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Fechter's Finger Flicking Frolics 2004

Obie O'Brien
The Head Forker
Starting The Festivities For
FFFF 2004 (DAY 2).

The Colin Rose Lecture

Lecture and video session on Richiardi

Colin Rose from England did a great lecture on Richiardi.
Richiardi has always been one of my personal favorite performers and
Colin's lecture strengthened that opinion. The lecture included videos
Of Richiardi performing and stories of his life. Great job Colin!

Teach - A - Trick

Hosted by my good friend Roger Klause

On the left Obie and Scott Wells get ready to introduce
Roger Klause
Incidentally Roger named this the Teach - A - Trick session.
On the right Scott pries an applause from the crowd by using
A set of Q-cards showing everybody how it is supposed to be done.

Roger starts the session with another mind bender.
Roger is being assisted by Dennis St. Jean.
Dennis selects a card which is lost in the pack.
Roger asks Dennis if he has a good poker face.
Dennis says yes. Roger wants to test his poker face by showing the
Faces of the cards to Dennis a few cards at a time.

On the left the cards are discarded a few at a time until there are only
Two cards left. Finally there is but one. Yes the selected card. I believe Elmsley is to thank for the inspiration on this effect. Dennis may want to work on that poker face before the next game.
On the right shows Prof. Rem performing some fun Peter Duffie card work
And being assisted by Jean Luc Dupont.

Above and on the left Karl Norman is seen blowing a card effect. Literally blowing it. By blowing on the cards Karl causes the cards to change places. On the right Karl shows his linking bands. An item that I believe Karl has put on the market.

Jim Cieslinski on the left did a clever effect where a lotto ticket turned into money (Grrrrrrrrrreat idea). On the right Tom Craven entertains with some rope magic dealing with the Hunter's knot.

Craig Dickson on the left and being assisted by Jean Luc Dupont did an interesting "Out of this world" while on the right Obie introduces Ace Greenberg.

Ace Greengerg did a thumb tie routine in which he is being assisted on the left by Dave Oestreicher and on the right by Jean Luc Dupont.

Roy Cottee did a neat mathematical money routine where some of the money disappeared at the end of a simple addition equation. I will use this one.

Above and on the left
"Bond's the name Trixie Bond". Trixie did the "Last Trick' from Dr. Daley and on the right funny man Steve Beam talks and explains the "Widow Maker" color change

Vic Trabucco showed a super multi use holdout. Though Vic used it mostly with coins the applications seem endless. You have to see this one to truely appreciate it.

Obie about to introduce Mike Hilburger the M.C. for the Thursday afternoon show.

But first an introduction and some fun with Lou Gallo. If you ever have the opportunity to see Lou work do so. Not only is he a gentleman first class but he has got the moves down as well.

M.C. Mike Hilburger warms up the crowd and introduces the first act on the afternoon show Maria Schwieter.

Maria Schwieter gets Roger Klause and Howie Schwarzman up to help in a card effect.

Above Kevin Oliver is seen doing a card effect followed by one of my personal favorites the ring and string. From what I recall Kevin used parts of Dr. Dan McDonald and Ray Grismer ring and string routines.

Raj Madhok warns the crowd that he is about to show them something that they have never seen before.
A Hindu doing the Hindu shuffle.
By the laughter that followed I see that most of the FFFF crowd share a similar sense of humor.

Yannick Lacroix and Michel Huot did a hilarious routine in which they had their bodies covered with post-it notes naming the 52 cards in a deck. Trixie Bond and Julie Eng both selected notes (cards) which were found after a series of gags. The gags included Yannick and Michel using their bodies to do shuffles, cuts, lifts and just about anything that you can do with a deck of cards. I am glad that they decided not to do the STRIPPER. deck routine.

Above and to the left Gary Para performs B-Wave while on the right Mike Amico tells an Eddie Fechter story. Mike Hilburger take on the role of a Mike (mic) stand.

The picture on the left shows Don Voltz being assisted by Obie. Don did a bit of detective work in his Clue like routine where in the end Obie was found out. Being assisted be Jim Surprise on the right is Dick Cook explaining his work in what to me is reminisent of a Professor Irwin Corey method of explanation.

Above Wesley James wows the crowd.

Obie is about to introduce the Mark Mitton show but first a story from our resident story teller.

The dean of magic and resident story teller at FFFF takes the mic. It is always a pleasure to hear Jay Marshall tell a story or two because he never fails to bring a smile to my face.
Thanks Jay.

Funny man Mark Mitton takes the stage. Mark must have had a club sandwich before the show that didn't agree with him. Evidenced by the number of clubs that he hacked out followed by the hearts, spades and diamonds. Sure like your method over the Chavez one. On the right Mark has Obie help him with the unknotting silks.

Mark is being assisted here by Bob Miller seated and Jason Juliano standing at the conclusing of the unknotting silk routine. On the right Mark hacks up a chicken.
And he thought that the cards tasted foul (fowl).

After a short break Obie gets the crowd back to their seats for the second video session. This time with Keith Walker and Obie suppling the footage.

Keith Walker introduced some great footage featuring Derek Dingle.
I had seen Dingle work a few times before but never for real
(non-magician) people. After viewing this Dingle video you
walk away with a new and different picture of Derek Dingle.
Obie ended the days festivities, appropriately, with video footage
of both Eddie Fechter and Del Ray. This was a rare opportunity to see
some of the magic greats working in a real life situation.
I would love to see the video again. It was eye opening,
informative and a must see for all magic enthusiasts.

Well I got almost two hours sleep last night.
A sign that the SESSIONS have begun.
Which reminds me of a quote from my friend Jay Marshall

"Who needs a room
Its only a four day convention"