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Fechter's Finger Flicking Frolics 2004

Obie O'Brien The Head Forker
And Pat Page This Years Guest Of Honor
Starting The Festivities For
FFFF 2004 (DAY 3).

Here Obie is seen turning over the mic to Pat Page
who hosts a themed workshop every year.
This years workshop
"In the spectators Hands"

Pat Page, one of magic's walking encyclopedias,
did an effect where a coin was produced under the spectators hand.
Assisting Pat with this effect is Harvey Berg.
I have already used this one many times
Very clever Pat and thank you.

Above Bob Miller performs a Copper/Silver routine using as his assistants Roy Cottee on the left and Norm Beck on the right.

Peter Tappen above is being assisted by Tom Craven on the left
and Phil Willmarth on the right in a routine where two
different sounds change places.
Peter had two rubber toys. One squeaked while the other rattled.
At Peters command the squeaking toy rattled and visa versa.

Pat Page takes the stage again and asks David Regal to help him in a sponge ball routine.

Garrett Thomas is performing his Imagination Coin routine above for Tom Craven.
If you have not seen Garrett perform this routine yet
I recommend that you catch his act asap.

On the left Garrett performs the Imagination Coin for IBM National President David Sandy and on the right the same routine is done using Michael Vincent. The Imagination Coin routine could be a lecture in itself and an excellent lesson on how to control your spectators hands.

Howie Schwarzman on the left and Obie on the right are chosen by Roy Cottee to help in a cards across routine which employed an interesting load.

Gene Gordon performed the bounce no bounce ball routine and employed the help of David Sandy. At the end of the routine the rubber ball was transformed into a metal ball and from there into a coin.

Meir Yedid took the theme "In the spectators hand" to the extreme. He showed how to vanish the hair off of a spectators finger. Ye did it again Meir. Funny stuff!

Keith Randolph performed and taught a few super ideas using an impromptu chop chop cup. Keith is being assisted by Phil Messina. Thanks for the great ideas Keith.

David Regal above assists coin Guru David Neighbors in a Copper/3 Silver coin routine. Nice work David (Neighbors).

To close the "In the spectators hands" workshop is David Regal. David did a spectator cuts the aces using as his assistant Piet Forton on the left and David Sandy on the right.

Ok everybody out. Its time for lunch! But be back by 1:30 for the
"Extra Special Matinee Show"

Here we have Obie as the M.C. of the
"Extra Special Matinee Show"

Above Is France's Friendly Famous Fakir BEBEL
Seated on the right is Mathieu Bich translating for Bebel
And seated on the left is Roger Klause assisting Bebel
with a super card effect

Ken Kurita is Japan's Joyful Jetset Jester
Ken fooled everyone in the house with this impossible card effect.
You had to be there


Above is Camilo Spains Stupendous Sexy Spaniard
Camilo is seen performing a clever micro cup and ball routine
That ended with the production of three large candy balls.
Each ball just barely fit into the cup.

Camilo ended his show with ball and net routine.
Assistants from the audience are on the left Mike Powers
And on the right I.B.M. president David Sandy

Michael Vincent is Englands Busy Beguiling British Baroque.
Here he is seen at the start of a multi card location with
David Sandy selecting the first card.

On the left Linking Ring editor Phil Wilmarth selects a card
And on the right Tom Craven does the same. I did not get pictures
Of all who selected cards because I believe there were six or more.

On the left Tom Craven assists Michael and on the right Michael ends
His act with a shower of cards (ala 52 card pick up).

Magic Christian Viennas Versatile Valuable Virtuoso
Here Christian is being assisted with a card effect by Jean Luc Dupont.

Using Jean Luc Dupont and (Sorry I don't know your name) as a make shift table.
Christian stabs the correct card with no blood spilt.

Mirko Argentina's Adroit Accomplished Artiste performed for the crowd some of his award winning FISM act.
He is truly an artiste.

Mirko is able to tell a story and paint you a picture without the use of canvas or voice.

Armando Lucero Mexico's Marvelouse Miracle Man.
Armando's combination of wit and slight is a true pleasure to experience.
This, in my opinion, is a MUST see performer.

His contact juggling is first class and his cards are better.
But wait that's not all.

The other stuff was just the set up for his matrix. With George Silverman as the eyes of the audience Armando performs the matrix with all the skill of a surgeon.

If you look at the above two pictures you should be able to see
the differance in shadows between the two shots. The picture
on the left is well lit while the right picture appears much darker.
This is because the well deserved standing ovation
is blocking most of the light.
Thank you Armando

Dan Garrett as M.C. get the crowd ready for the Friday afternoon show.

First up is Patrick Drake who brought Roger Klause up to help with a
coin location routine. Patrick had Roger hold a coin in either of his
hands and Patrick had to guess which hand the coin was in.
But first Roger had to be blindfolded so as to keep the method secret.

The blindfold that Patrick employed was a wizard hat.
As always Roger, the good sport that he is, donned the hat.
One last look though before going into the dark.

With Rogers blindfold in place the effect may begin.
Enter the fairy godfather with magic wand in hand. OK so its not a magic wand. Its a Garrett metal detector. And thats no fairy godfather either. Its Pat Page. Well the secret is out. Patrick used the old
Fairy godfather and metal detector ploy
To discover what hand Roger had the coin in.

The picture on the left lets just leave as the picture on the left.
Lets face it. No explanation could do it justice.
On the right Geoff Ray does a nailed card on a block of wood.

Next up was Rick Merrill who is the
first person that I endorsed to go to FFFF.
I must say Rick that you didn't let me down
Or anybody else.

Rick did some great coin work followed by a super Flip stick
routine with Sharpie marker and Jumbo pencil that was very
well received by all there. Evidenced by a standing ovation.
Look forward to seeing you back next year.

Kevin Fox entertained with a few sight gags and cards .

Trixie Bond did cards and coins
and was assisted by Pat Page.

Dan Garrett without the aid of turban or robe
did a brief but funny Garnack routine.

Brian Glover did a queens assembly.

Dan (Garnack) Garrett strikes again.

Duane Laflin did a ball vase and a color changing silk routine.
Above assisting Duane is Phil Willmarth.

Mandy Farrel called Norm Beck up to help her
and Blain the hamster do a card effect.

Pictured above is Tom Blacke being assisted
by Meir Yedid in a card effect.

Mark Leveridge got Tony Wieland up to assist him with a ring and string routine.

David Sandy on the left performs Dan Harlans Starkel
and on the right Pat Page helps him with a card effect.

On the left Roger Klause helps David during a card effect while on the right Scott Wells is called up to assist.

Tom Craven above assists David and on the right David accepts his well deserved applause .

Harold Cataquet did a clever linking ropes routine where at the end the ropes were handed out for examination. The picture on the right shows Phil Willmarth assisting Harold while Jay Marshall looks on.

Above and being assisted by Roger Klause is Mathieu Bich. Mathieu did some excellent card work which ended with the deck vanishing and leaving only the four aces.

Martin Cox got Roy Cottee up to help him with his card Warp routine.
Roy Walton would be proud. Great stuff Martin.

Rick Wilcox did a multiplying bottles routine followed by
a bill in lemon where Roger Klause was called upon to assist.

Obie as M.C. introduces the first act on the Friday night show.

Hayashi who I believe was one of the kings children in the movie
"The King And I" entertained with comedy and cards.

Hayashi used a device to translate his Japanese into English.
After the device shorted out Hayashi spoke fluent English.
If only the New York taxi drivers could get a hold of such a device.
On the right Hayashi does a science themed card effect.

Above Pablo Kusnetzoff from Buenos Aires
did a torn and restored card followed by some excellent billiard ball work.

Next up was Reed McClintock from Oragon. Reed did an excellent
card routine including his own McClintock twist.
Reed also did some super contact juggling
followed by a holy $#!+ coin production


Shigeo Futagawa did a ring and string routine, coins across
and one of my favorites the color changing knives.
Excellent work Shigeo

Jim Molinari did some card and when I say card work
I mean card work (the real thing). He invited Tom Craven
and Roy Cottee up to be the eyes of the audience.
It could have been Vernon and Scarne and it
would not have made a differance.
Jim is one sharp worker.

Rey Ben from Buenes Aires got Julie Eng up
to help with his comedy linking rings routine.

Chase Curtis did an act that was electrifying. It used flashlights and
batteries and had as a climax the production of a 12 volt car battery.
I particularly liked the Chop Chop Cup work with the flashlight tops.

Tony Price from Belgium got Bob Farmer up to assist.

On the left Tony is seen doing a haunted deck routine to
discover Bobs card. On the right Julie Eng is called upon to help.

Paul Cummins got Roger up again to help with one of his impossibilities.
Roger was not disappointed and I feel certain that the same could be said for all that were there.

Mark Mason on the left did a routine where Dennis St. Jean
selected a card, signed the card and later the signed card was
found in a sealed deck of cards and at a designated location.

Patrick Przysiecki who won the gold at both
IBM and SAM conventions in 2003 was up next.
Patrick performed a routine using a Globe of the earth.
He was assisted by Pat Page. A very novel act and one well worth seeing.

Richard Pinner from England did an impossible prediction.
I am still thinking about this one and will probably
be doing the same until the next FFFF

Boris Wild from France closed the show with a colorful card effect.
Julie Eng from Canada was chosen as the assistant.

Obie getting everybody settled in for the last event of the evening.
The Manuel Muerte Lecture

Manuel Muerte above is being assisted on the left by Alan Kronzek and on
the right by Dick Cook. This is some strong stuff for the real worker. .

Manuel wasted no time mouseing arround.
With Alan and Dick as the eyes of the audience
Manuel went in search of the selected card
Is the card in one of these lemons or in my sock?

In the end Manuel was successful in his quest.
Manuel Muerte is one of the famous
"Die Fertigen Finger" (The Flicking Fingers) from Germany.
All members of their cast are both entertaining and technically proficient
A great group to watch if ever they are in your area.

Who has time for sleep.
There are far to many sessions going on to sleep.
Its a scary thought but I'm begining to think that Jay was right