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Fechter's Finger Flicking Frolics 2004

Obie O'Brien The Head Forker
Starting The Festivities For
FFFF 2004 (DAY 4).

Obie about to introduce the first lecturer
of this the last day of FFFF 2004
Shoot Ogawa

Shoot started the lecture with a demonstration of his coin work which
was followed by his Linking Rings routine. Assisting Shoot in his
Linking Rings routine are on the left Tom Craven and on the
right Steve Duperre. The ring routine was an inspiration.

The coins and rings were inspirational but the cards were my favorite.
Above Shoot demonstrates his stuff on Tom Craven and Steve Duperre.

Shoot takes his cards into the audience.
On the left Danny Archer assists while on the right
Herb Zarrow is asked to help.

Above and on the right Shoot performs a super matrix routine which
I believe even Al Schneider would have approved of. On the right and being assisted by Julie Eng, Shoot performs some very usable rope work.

Obie is about to introduce the next lecturer Bob Swadling
but first another story from the Dean of magic Jay Marshall.

Bob Swadling has one of the most creative minds in magic. Above he is seen doing some of his mid-air card changes.

Being assisted by David Regal on the left and on the right by
Richard Pinner and David Regal, Bob performs a great
cards to pocket routine.

This time, on the left, it is Magic Christian and David Regal who are
called up to assist Bob. On the right Bob get ready for a flashy finish.

Above Bob Swadling lights the torn pieces of card for a jumbo restoration.

Next Bob does a nice sympathic matchbox routine
followed by his coin in the bottle.

The coin through handkerchief using the Flipper coin
with which Bob got a great reaction from the crowd. Bob is being
assisted by David Regal and Tony Price in the above routine on the left.
On the right Bob prepares for a Willy Worm routine.

Its alive - its alive - the Willy Worm is alive and on the move.
But wait he is gone. Now where did he go.
As for the picture on the right use your imagination.

David Regal up again to help Bob with a signed card routine.

Above performing a flash finish for a flashy guy - Bob Swadling.

Phil Willmarth about to introduce Colin Rose the
opening act for the Saturday afternoon show.

Colin Rose did some nice McBride influenced card manipulations.

Arie Vilner gives Roger Klause a horn to honk if he, Arie, touches
a card that is sandwiched between the two queens.
Even though Roger never honked the horn the
signed and selected card is found between the
queens by David Sandy on the right.

Joe Turner employed the assistance of David Sandy in a card routine.
David selected a card and lost it in the deck. Joe went into a routine
of trying to find the card by using three locator cards. Upon turning
the three cards face up they were discovered to be three sixes (666).
Joe steped away from the table and uttered
"Now I know why you look so young"
which got one of the largest laughs of the convention.
The selected card was later found in a hymnal.
Great job Joe and look forward to seeing you again next year.

Julie Eng was up next and did a nice coins through the table.

Rolando Santos told a story about a Dragon's Eye
that could be used to identify a selected card.
Rolando employed the assistance of
Neil Stafford Jr. in this effect.

Daniel Ketchedjian had Pat Page select a card in what was to be
a signed selected card being found in four different locations.
On the right Daniel puts a card over one eye that has an eye
painted on its back. This was there to help in the discoveries.

Daniel get David Regal up to help in the conclusion of the location
effect. In the end the signed selected card is found to be the face
of the card that has the eye painted on it. Very nice routine Daniel.

Leon Etienne did a sponge balls routine but using make-up sponges
instead of sponge balls. On the right Tom Craven assists in the routine.

Angel Andreu performed a great cards across routine.

Tony Eng entered as the Worlds smallest magician.
The feet are actually his hands in shoes while his
hands are those of his daughter Julie. The routine
included six card repeat and a
no strings attached levitation.
As always Tony - Great stuff.

Willy Monroe from Spain did a great YoYo routine followed by
a very unique broken and restored (inflated) balloon.

Above and to the left Jim Cieslinski has David Sandy
help him with a nice silk to purse routine. On the
right Jim finishes with a coins across routine.

Doug Gorman performed a well scripted double ball vase routined
with a patter story built around King Tut.

Jean Luc Dupont closed the show by performing
his version of Ramsey's coins and cylinder routine. .

Obie introduces Bruce Trigg who in turn announces
the winners of the FFFF Golf Tournament.

Obie again takes on the role of M.C. for the Pat Page roast
and Saturday Night Show. But first a few thank you awards to
guests who have brought much to FFFF. On the left receiving a
plaque is Michael Vincent and on the right Boris Wild accepts
a plaque for David Stone the 2003 MVP who couldn't make it in.

The Roast of our guest of honor begins
Who better to start the roast than Jay Marshall. Jay gave Pat a good tongue lashing that Pat tried in vain to counter. Better luck next time Pat.

On the left Marv Leventhal awards Pat the button plaque
and on the right Phil Willmarth presents pat with
the framed FFFF Bunny invitation.

But wait thats not all.
Now it was Obie's turn to bestow gifts upon our guest of honor.
I missed two of the gift bearers. One was Vic Trabucco presenting
one of his fine pieces of glass work. A crystal wand and the other
person that I didn't get a picture of was Joan Caesar.

It was like Christmas in April. One gift after another.
I believe that it was the bottle of Pat Page wine that
brought the most noticeable smile onto Pat's face

Pat took the mic to say a quick thank you and to start the show.

But wait. First another story from Jay.

Its show time

Pat Page our guest of honor is up first. He got Harvey Berg up to help
with a you do as I do routine. Pat had tipped this routine last year and
it was interesting seeing the expressions on the outsiders faces.
Pat's second effect was a cup and ball routine in the spectators
hands. The routine ended with a jumbo load.

Robert Jagerhorn from Finland was up next.
Robert performed a routine that won him first place at FISM 2003.
Robert played the part of an airline passenger who get himself into
trouble while in the restroom. The routine which included magic and
comedy ended with a colorful costume change while stuck in the toilet.

Coin Guru David Neighbors wows the crowd with more of his coin work.

Oscar Munoz gives a wink to Pat as he flirts with him during a
very funny cut and restored rope routine. Oscar also did his
billiard ball routine and ended with a flash. Hot stuff Oscar.

David Regal who is one of the writers for "Rug Rats" did a
very funny bit where he read out of his FFFF 2004 diary.
Not only was it very funny but also painfully true.

Next David got Bill Malone, Pat Page and Roger Klause up to help
with a prediction effect. His patter dealt with winning a dream
vacation and it was Bill, Pat and Roger that would decide what
Prize Julie Eng on the right would win.
Part of her prize package included David

One of my favorite funny men in magic is Stephen Bargatze.
With Stephen you NEVER know what may happen. I will try to put
into words what must be seen to be appreciated. Up until this
moment I believe that Pat Page was the only man to appear
on a FFFF stage wearing a skirt.
That is until Stephen walked out. All of the roasting that Pat
had gone through so far didn't prepare him for this.
Stephen indicated that he was going to do a card effect
but that he needed the assistance of a
volunteer from the audience.

Stephens search for an assistant ended when he saw Roger Klause.
But Roger was in no mood to get up again. He had been called up as
an assistant by more performers than any other person this year. So
Roger politely asked Stephen to pick a different assistant. But
Stephen insisted and all but dragged Roger up to help. Roger
became quite adamant about not wanting to help which only
frustrated Stephen. But the show must go on so Stephen repeatedly
asked Roger to take a card. At that time Roger pulled a large club
from behind the table and proceeded to beat the $#!% out of Stephen
with the club. Stephen found out in just a few seconds what years of
pent up emotions feels like. I spoke with Stephen later that night in
the hospitality room and he said that he had asked Roger to hit him
five or six times. Apparently Roger heard five or six dozen time.
Excellent job Roger and Stephen.
You had everyone going.

Stephen next got Trixie Bond up to help. But first Stephen had
to check out his new found flame. Yes it was love at first sight.

But when Stephen discovered that his new loves name is


He was crushed. He kept saying - Oh no. No no no!
No Mom won't like that at all.
Better luck next time Stephen

Rocco takes the stage as only Rocco can. His show is totally different each year that he performs at FFFF so you never know what will come next. From productions of pastries and candy to seeds, liquid, and grass. You just never know.

Above Obie is called up to assist Rocco.
Rocco produces a few seeds that magically multiply.
Rocco then produces some water that is sprinkled over the seeds.
A pile of dirt is produced and everything is mixed in Rocco's hands.
From the mixture grass starts to grow. The grass is put in a make
shift planter (a top hat) and all deposited on top of Obie's head
Where does he come up with this stuff?
Keep up the good work Rocco and thanks for the memories.
Obie agrees that we are over due for a break.
Be back in 10 minutes everybody.

After the break Obie announced this years MVP - Armando Lucero.
Obie also takes a moment to announce next years guest(s) of honor
Gene Anderson and Dan (Garnack) Garrett.
Congratulations guys.

To open the second half of the show
Ferenc Galambos from Hungary.
Above Ferenc performs a beautifully choreographed Cups and Balls
followed by an equally entertaining McDonald Aces routine.

In the picture on the left Ferenc performs a sympathetic balls routine
with a jumbo climax. On the right Ferenc begins his coin act.

Ferenc Galambos magic plays as well for a
one on one show as it does for a crowd of 200.
His show is very well choreographed and theatrical.
Above Ferenc closes his show with a multiple jumbo coin production.

Above Obie brings David Sandy up to show off his new necklace
The one worn by the International President of
The International Brotherhood Of Magicians

Manuel Muerte from Germany gets Obie's attantion
In the above two pictures we see Manuel with fire and liquid
Two of the "Keep them away from my table" items at FFFF
Don't worry Obie?
Manuel is a professional.

Above Manuel performs a routine with a mouse and a mini vacuum.
You had to be there. Great stuff Manuel.

Manuel prepares to wine and dine Harvey Berg.
What's that on the table. Looks like more liquids. Careful Manuel Obie is watching!

Henry Evans from Argentina performed
some silk and card work with the assistance of Bill Malone.

Roy Cottee was brought up to assist Henry with a rope routine.

On the left Patrick Drake selects a card and on the right Henry
is being assisted by David Sandy in a card matching routine.

Shoot Ogawa enlists the assistance of a hotel guest in a card effect.

On the left Shoot performs his famous "Ninja Rings".
On the right he ends his act with his matrix routine.

Pit Hartling from Germany brought Mandy Farrel and David Regal
up to help him with a cards effect. Using what I believe was either
Aronson's or the Tamariz stock.
Pit was able to cut to any card named with one finger.
I was told that this is out of his new book.

Above Pit takes the demonstration into the audience.
On the left Herb Zarrow calls the card while
on the right Roy Cottee does the same.

Next Pit continues the demonstration while using Mandy Farrel
as a make shift blindfold. And yes he hit it again.

Above Pit entertains David Regal and Mandy Farrel with his cards.
Great work Pit.
PS; Where can I get a copy of your book.

Above on the left Mel Harvey (In Gangster Costume) from Britain
entertains with some rope magic. On the right Mel performs a
card effect while being assisted by Tony Weiland and Roy Cottee.
Mel also produced a bottle of wine in his act.

Above Mel gives one of the FFFF attendees a bath (Along with the table)
On the right he finishes with a Lemon, Orange and Baseball production.

To close the show from Spain
2003 FISM winner Mago Migue
Mago brought the house down with his first effect. He placed a
card face down on the table. Pat Page was invited up and asked
to name any card. Pat did so and was then instructed to turn the
tabled face down card face up. It was the card Pat had called out.
Pat turned to the crowd and said "This was not pre-arranged".

Translating For Mago Migue above is Pit Hartling.
Sorry but I don't remember what Mago ended with
My mind was on his first effect for the next hour.

At least until next year

OK so Jay was right
Who needs sleep
Its only a four day convention!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!