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Fechter's Finger Flicking Frolics 2005

The Jim Molinari Lecture

Above and to the right is Obie introducing the second lecturer for FFFF 2005.
On the left, from Saint Louis Missouri, our lecturer Jim Molinari.

Jim started his performance with a series of, what appeared to be fair, shuffles and cuts.


Jim employed the assistance of Harold Cataquet (now from England) in an
Ace Assembly where Harold selected the pile where the Aces would assemble.


David Regal helped Jim with a clever computer program card effect.
At the end of the routine the selected card popped out of Jims hand
like a reciept coming out of a cash register. A very entertaining bit.

Gary Para assisted Jim with a prediction card effect
followed by "The Big Prediction" card effect.

Above Jim is performing a Four Ace Routine employing the KM Move.
Jim also did a clever Slip Cut - Cut. He executed a Slip Cut while
actually cutting the deck. I will definitely be using this one.

Here Jim is showing James Lewis why not to play cards with him.
James shuffled, cut, the dealt the cards for the first round.
Jim gathered up the tabled cards (Cull - Cull), shuffled,
cut, and dealt the second round for a winning hand.

Jim's deck of cards was like a well trained dog, obeying his every command .

After a few flourishes Jim is ready to perform.

Jim shuffled and cut the deck but somehow kept getting the four Aces.

Even after the Aces were placed into the middle of the deck,
they still found their way into Jim's hand. Imagine that!

Jim takes a well deserved bow.


Hosted By Roger Klause

Above Obie introduces Roger Klause
The host and first performer of the TEACH- -A- -TRICK session.

Assisting Roger In a Hummer card effect is Mark De Souza

Hear Roger is seen performing
Hummer's "Face up and face down poker routine".

Roger teaches Mark and the crowd the ins and outs of the routine.

Professor Rem performed a routine with our guests of honor (Gene and Dan)
pictures on the faces of the cards and using an Elmsley Count.

Puzzle maven Harold Cataquet challenged the 4F crowd to solve a
custom FFFF puzzle. Everyone was given a copy of the puzzle as a gift.

The Thursday Afternoon Close-Up Show.

Above and to the left Obie introduces Mike Hilburger
The M.C. for the Thursday afternoon Close-Up Show.

The first performer on the Thursday afternoon show was Tony Wilson
from New Zealand. Tony is the International President of the
International Brotherhood Of Magicians for 2004 through 2005.

To the left Tony Wilson performs Wayne Rogers "Opinion Pole".
On the right Tony performs a variation of Monkey Bar, a trick known to
a lot of magicians as a sucker trick. Tony adapted it with a gimmick to
fool magicians who know the principle. He also used a globe instead of a toy monkey

Al the only, from Hawaii, did a cool
card to wallet ala Mullica.

Al ended his set with an "Aqua Cups" (Three Shell Game) routine where the spectators had to keep track of the cup filled with water but failed to do so.

James Lewis assisted Brian Glover, from England, in a spectator
cuts the Aces. However, James didn't cut to the Aces he cut to the 6's (666).

Brian Geer had Lee Freed assist him in a clever "Marked Cards" effect

Brian next employed the assistance of Mark De Souza and Mike Powers
in a burnt borrowed bill to sealed potato chip bag.

Willie Monroe, from Spain, did a great Yo-Yo routine.

Being assisted by Harold Cataquet and Scott Wells, Willie performed
a double prediction and an Ace routine.

On the left Willie finishes his Ace routine with "Flap Jacks" by Paul Harris.
On the right Mike Hilburger intorduces the next act.

Rick Wilcox, from Wisconsin, did a pick pocket routine followed by a VooDoo bit.

Rick performed a "Cardboard Chameleons" (By Daryl Martinez)
routine for Gary Para.

Doug Gorman, from Texas, did an excellent "Cups And Balls" routine.

Doug ended his "Cups And Balls" routine with a multiple jumbo load.

Danny Archer, from Colorado, introduced his alter ego Gino Mozzarella.

Geno (Danny) was assisted by Mark De Souza and Gary Para in a balls and net routine.