Gerard Enterprises Home Page. Gerard Enterprises is a manufactures of mascots, masks, magic supplies, special effects, haunted house props, costumes, movie props, and supplier of stage lighting and sound equipment. Fechter's Finger Flicking Frolics 2005

Fechter's Finger Flicking Frolics 2005

The Thursday Evening Close-Up Show

Meir Yedid was the M.C. for the Thursday afternoon show.
He started the show by trying to tell some really bad jokes.

He succeeded!!!!!!!!!!!

David Jones, from Australia, performed a Four Ace routine
followed by a Twisting the Aces.

David finished by doing a "Matrix" routine where at the end
the "Matrix" was done with the cards

Terry Greenwood, from Canada, is seen above
performing a color changing silks routine.

Bob Follmer, from New York, did the Anderson Newspaper Star on the left
and on the right a "Trouble Wit" routine.

Bob decorated the "Stars" Gene and Dan with the newly created cutouts.

Robin Dawes, from Canada, coaxed Mike Rappa up from the audience
for a "MARK" card effect.

Robin finds and shows the selected card.

Jim Surprise, from Tennessee, invites Roger Klause up
to assist in an impossible card location.

Little did Jim know how impossible it almost was. Roger accidentally
did a multiple cut instead of a single. Even with a curve thrown,
Jim prevailed.

Max Scott, from Canada, did a series of gags, including a hot phone bit.

Lee Freed, from Louisiana, did a clever "Twisting The Aces".
At the end of the routine a selected card was found between the Aces.

Bill Naglar, from Michigan, got Mark De Souza and Herb Zarrow
to select cards which were found by spelling to the cards.

Bill finished by doing some dice work where the numbers changed at his digression.

Gary Ward, from Texas, did a three rope routine.

Gary was assisted by Mark De Souza in the rope routine
and Phil Wilmarth helped with a "Mental Photo" routine.

Michael Tallen did a cube puzzle prediction ala "Instant Insanity".

Scott Robinson, from North Carolina, opened with a coin transpo
then employed the assistance of Mark De Souza in a card effect.

Scott ended his show with an invisable card effect of his own creation.

John West, from Indiana, is the person responsible for
the Guest Of Honor posters we see each year.

John performed a unique "Oil And Water" routine
using Custer's last stand as the theme.

And yet some more bad jokes from Meir Yedid

The Dual Lecture, Gene Anderson And Dan Garrett

Obie introduces the dual lecturers, Gene Anderson and Dan Garrett.


Gene opened the lecture with the Gene Anderson Newspaper Tear.
A RIP-ping effect that some think is TEAR-able.

Gene gets Trixie Bond to assists him with his new marketed effect.
It's an impossible transposition where signatures on two pictures transpose.

Maria Schwieter and James Lewis assist Gene in a
HOLY $#!+ card in bottle.

Above Gene performs and explains the vanishing match ala T-Tip.
An old effect but with Gene's tips, its a winning piece.

Above Gene explains the HOLY $#!+ card in the bottle.
He used a method originated by Harbin which I plan to start using.
Thank you Gene for the tip!

On the left Gene tells some stories and shows a few of the pictures
that children drew of him. On the right Gene is about to introduce Dan Garrett
Our next lecturer.

Dan Garrett warms up the crowd.

Above Dan performs some productions and vanishes using a "Senada Gimmic".

Dan also used a "Senada Gimmic" to produce an egg as seen above.

Dan did some great work with Yves Doumergue's "Orion Count"
(A variation of the "Flustration Count").

John Blake was called upon to assist Dan with a "Torn And Restored" card.
A corner was torn off of the card and the card destroyed.

The restored card was later found in an envelope
and the corner shown to match perfectly (Ala Gaetan Bloom's "Intercessor").

Dan finished his lecture with a real winner.
Dan had Mike Powers, Dan McDanald, Roy Cottee, and Meir Yedid
select a letter, number, and a geometric symbol. There was no way Dan
could have known what they would pick, however, from a sealed envelope
Dan produced a business card that correctly predicted all of the called out items.
Great job and great lecture Dan.