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The Daryl Lecture at Fechters Finger Flicking Frolic 2007 - The Original Close-Up Magic Convention Photo Site For Day Two. Antony Gerard is one of the 4F advisors and also is owner of The Timid Rabbit Magic Shop and Gerard Enterprises a manufactures of mascots, masks, magic supplies, special effects, haunted house props, costumes, movie props, and supplier of stage lighting and sound equipment. Fechters Finger Flicking Frolic 2007.

Fechters Finger Flicking Frolic 2007.

Thursday April 26th, 2007

Obie O’Brien
The Head Forker
Starting The Festivities For
FFFF 2007 (DAY 2).

The Daryl Lecture

Daryl warming up the 4F crowd.

The pictures above show Daryl having two cards selected
by the audience as Roger Klause and Tom Craven look on.

Next Daryl blindfolded himself using the two Jokers as seen in the left picture. Then while blindfolded Daryl tried to find the selected cards, however, instead of finding the selected cards he found the two jokers again. And where do you think the two selected cards were found. Yes you got it, they were the two blindfold cards which were previously shown to be jokers. It was a "CLEAN" routine.

On the left Daryl is seen performing Karrel Fox's borrowed, burnt, and restored handkerchief routine. On the right, and after having Roger Klause select a card, Daryl performes a card rise while the deck was sealed in an envelope.

Next Daryl performed his version of 3 Fly followed by Technicolor Aces which I found reminiscent of Cardboard Chameleons, and a Half And Half routine where two selected cards merged.

The pictures on the left shows Daryl performing a Richard Bertram inspired 6 card selection. Tom Craven, Phil Willmarth, Gene Anderson, Dan Garrett, Max Howard, and Joe Farina mentally selected cards from a fan. Daryl produced 6 cards and showed them to the selectors. All of their cards were present. On the right Daryl performed a Matrix (Al Schneider) routine. First employing the classic method - with cards as covers. Then using only his hands as covers.

The above two pictures show Daryl starting his jumping knot routine.

The last two pictures show the end of the rope routine and the end of the lecture.
And Daryl is still