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The 4F Kick Off Show at Fechters Finger Flicking Frolic 2007 - The Original Close-Up Magic Convention Photo Site For Day Two. Antony Gerard is one of the 4F advisors and also is owner of The Timid Rabbit Magic Shop and Gerard Enterprises a manufactures of mascots, masks, magic supplies, special effects, haunted house props, costumes, movie props, and supplier of stage lighting and sound equipment. Fechters Finger Flicking Frolic 2007.

Fechters Finger Flicking Frolic 2007

Thursday April 26th, 2007.

The 4F Kick Off Show

MC Phil Willmarth.

Steve Dupree, on the left, did a spin (Pass) change of a card selected by RogerKlause
and Bill Spooner, on the right did a Del Ray Ace Assembly.

On the left Yannick Lacroix performed a polished multiplying thimble act
and on the right Rick Wilcox performed a Professor's Nightmare followed by
a Coins Across.

On the left Bill Wells performed a Kaps Bowl Routine with a final production
of a music box. Bill also performed a John Ramsey Box, Wand, and Coin routine.
On the right John Luka performed a Knit Balls Across where the Knit Balls
seemed to "Pop Up" everywhere. At the end of the routine the balls changed
into three different colored balls. John also performed a Signed Card To Wallet
using a card signed by Herb Zarrow.

On the left Ton Onosaka is assisted by Phil Willmarth in a routine where
four packets of three cards (all red-faced) were dealt to the table and each
packet received a Joker. Ton caused all of the Jokers to assemble in the
pile that Phil selected. On the right is Richard Kaufman performing a
Gene Maze Cutting The Aces. Richard ended the 4F Kick Off Show with a
Jerry Andrus Red And Blue Transpo routine.