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The Recognizable Faces Show at Fechters Finger Flicking Frolic 2007 - The Original Close-Up Magic Convention Photo Site For Day Two. Antony Gerard is one of the 4F advisors and also is owner of The Timid Rabbit Magic Shop and Gerard Enterprises a manufactures of mascots, masks, magic supplies, special effects, haunted house props, costumes, movie props, and supplier of stage lighting and sound equipment. Fechters Finger Flicking Frolic 2007.

Fechters Finger Flicking Frolic 2007.

Thursday April 26th, 2007.

The Recognizable Faces Show

MC Mike Hilberger.

On the left Karl Norman performed a paper cutting routine where he cut a square from a sheet of paper only to find that in the end he had two linked rings of paper. Karl ended his set with a performance of Karl's "The Whole Hole Trick". On the right Mike Stratman performed a napkins to box transposition routine to music from The Beatles song "Yesterday". With the assistance of Mike Powers, Mike Stratman ended his set with a Hearts suit assembly.

On the left Bill Abbott has Gene Anderson select an ace and Bill like a snake charmer, except with a violin taking the place of the flute and a drinking glass instead of a basket, caused the selected card to rise out of the glass. On the right Miguel Gea performed a coins across where one at a time the coins traveled from one hand, and with a clink, into a drinking glass. The method Miguel used was one not normally used in the coins across and is one that I would consider using.

Fred Casto on the left performed a coins across (Two covers and four coins) with napkins. He also performed a clever card effect where blank cards changed into aces and then as a finale the aces changed into a royal flush. Tonny Van Rhee, on the right, performed a very nice coin off of string and a coin through purse.

Performing on the left is one of my favorite card men to watch, Bebel. Bebel had Trixy Bond select a card which transposed into four aces and, for the finale, Bebel cause the aces to travel back into the deck. On the right Jim Klayder performed a signed card to pocket, ala Jennings, and a signed, torn, and restored card.

Glen Brown, on the left, performed a Linking Rings routine and on the right Yosuke Kobayashi performed a coins across routine and ended his routine with a very nice coin to pen and back to coin transformation.

Adam Spigel, being assisted by Bill Malone, turned dollar bills into hundred dollar bills. Adam also turned the Two-of-heart into an Ace-of-hearts and, with the addition of an other Ace, Adam had a card selected, lost in the deck, and proceded to trap the selected card between the Aces. Christian Engblom was assisted by John Luka and Trixy Bond in an entertaining rendition of card through the table. Christian performed the card through the table and the deck through table. As a finale, Christian attempted to do the card through the table again, however, the selected card got stuck. It ended up trapped between the table and my close-up pad.