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The Pat Page Work Shop at Fechters Finger Flicking Frolic 2007 - The Original Close-Up Magic Convention Photo Site For Day Three. Antony Gerard is one of the 4F advisors and also is owner of The Timid Rabbit Magic Shop and Gerard Enterprises a manufactures of mascots, masks, magic supplies, special effects, haunted house props, costumes, movie props, and supplier of stage lighting and sound equipment. Fechters Finger Flicking Frolic 2007.

Fechters Finger Flicking Frolic 2007

Friday April 27th, 2007.

Obie O’Brien
The Head Forker
Starting The Festivities For
FFFF 2007 (DAY 3).

The Pat Page Work Shop
This Years Theme Was
Magic At The Dinner Table

Above Pat Page is seen performing a coin vanish from a handkerchief.

On the left, Patrice Meunier performed manipulative card fan and card productions. Patrice ended his set with a selected card to shoe. On the right, Gene Gordon performed and taught a torn and restored straw wraper.

Ali Bongo, on the left, performed a cut and restored straw routine followed by a six straw repeat. On the right Pat Page performed and taught his plate from knee effect. A coin and plate seemingly vanished and appeared at Pat's command.

On the left Roger Bernheim ballance a toothpick on the edge of a glass. On the right Mark Zacharia performed a card routine inspired by Roy Kissel "Stanley" and Don Alen "Oscar", however, with restaurant names on the cards. I don't know if Mark has read my book "What's The Name Of Your Card!" but the above discribed routine can be found on page.

David Corsaro and Dave Neighbors.

Bob Swadling and Pat Page.

Kevin Gallagher and George Silverman.

Keith Randolf and Magic Christian.

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