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Fechter's Finger Flicking Frolic 2008 - The Original Close-Up Magic Convention Photo Site by Antony Gerard. The Recognizable Faces Show Fechters Finger Flicking Frolic 2008.

Fechters Finger Flicking Frolic 2008.

Thursday April 24th, 2008.

The Recognizable Faces Show

M.C. Mike Hilberger.

Karl Norman performed a routine where two signed playing cards, one signed by
Leon Etienne and the other by Maria Schwieter, were merged into one card.

Karl Norman being presented with a birthday cake by Tony Weiland.
After which the 4F crowd sang "Happy Birthday", however, when the
song got to "How old are you", Karl developed amnesia.

Cody Fisher started his set by introducing a group of "hard to find lecture notes".
Such as "Making the spectator feel at ease on stage by The Amazing Jonathon,
Real world magic by Criss Angel, and Balloon sculpting for children by Max Maven."
Cody then had Leon Etienne select a card. Later Cody introduced four (FFFF) envelopes
one of which contained the jumbo duplicate of the selected card.

Ed Ripley performed a money maker routine followed by an origami bill fold
to butterfly. He ended his routine with the bill turning into a blank again.

Yosuke Kobayashi used a calendars month and date to locate a selected card.
Boris Wild selected a card which Yosuke had a jumbo prediction of.

David Oestreicher performed a clever cube and star puzzle
and a card effect with the Jacks.

Andrew Quinn performed a "Three Fly" with Morgan dollars and a history of the Morgan dollar.

Harry Monti performed a nice balls across where the balls kept "Popping up".

Scott Robinson performed an Aces to Kings transpo with a Dan Garrett
selected card appearing between the Kings. Scott also performed a
space ship themed "Card Warp" like effect.

Rod Chow performed a business card effect with Boris Wild.
Rod also performed a multiplying jumbo rings and his
wish maker paper and full money routine.

David Wiedemer turned double blank cards into the Aces followed by
a spell to the Aces routine. Dave also performed a multiple
card location with the help of Boris Wild.

Bill Abbott, after turning Obie into Queen for the day, performed a mental card location.

Jim Cieslinski performed a broken and restored cell phone with Don Voltz cell phone.
Don is seen assisting Jimmy in the routine.

Luis Otero was assisted by Maria Schwieter and Leon Etienne in a routine
where two selected cards were found at a freely selected number.