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Fechter's Finger Flicking Frolic 2008 - The Original Close-Up Magic Convention Photo Site by Antony Gerard. Friends Old And New Show. Fechters Finger Flicking Frolic 2008.

Fechters Finger Flicking Frolic 2008

Friday April 25th, 2008.

Friends Old And New Show

M.C. Meir Yedid.

The name of this show, "Friends Old And New Show" has special meaning to me. Roger Nicot, the opening act, and I started the Ferris Conjurers magic club at Ferris State College in the spring of 1973. While on summer vacation in 1974, I was in a fatal auto accident (no that was not an error - I actually died in the accident). In December of 1974 I was still wheel chair bound and with no sigh of being able to get out for at least another year or so. This caused me to have to drop out of college. With the help of my parents I open my magic and costume shop, The Timid Rabbit Magic And Masquerade Shop. That was in December 1974 and I still own it today.

I had not seen Roger since the fall of 1974. When I heard that Roger was going to be at 4F this year, I dusted off my Ferris Conjurers journal and brought it with me. Karl Norman and I were talking when Roger came over to say hello to Karl and I. Roger at this time did not know who I was because I use my stage name Antony Gerard instead of my real name that Roger knew. I pulled our the journal and asked if he recognized it. Roger looked at the journal, then at me and then back to the journal. An odd expression crept across his face and the first words out of his mouth I believe were "HOLY SHIT!!!". Then in a puzzled tone came "TONY". 4F is truly a convention to make "Friends Old And New".

Roger opened with a nice ball and cone routine
followed by his fire eating act which in the 1970's gained him national recognition.

Mike Joseph performed a cooking themed show which included a lime to lemon transposition
and a torn and restored recipe. The routine ended with the production of
a plate of cookies to the delight of the hungry 4F crowd.

Joseph Cabral performed a nice dancing Jack-Of-Diamonds ala Zombie routine.

On the left Suzanne has some fun with Obie and a Band-Aid. While on the right she
performed a very polished Cups and Corks routine. The final loads being large crystal balls.

Carl Hein brought Rod Chow, Jean-Luc Dupont, Steve DuPerre,
and Mark Zacharia up to assist. Each selected cards which were lost in the
deck. Three of thecards were later found back in the card box. But wait - that's not all.

Carl next did a color changing deck followed by a card
under the card box discovery. At the end of the routine the fourth selected card,
the Three-Of-Hearts, was found under Carl's hat.

On the left Simon Lane performes a kings across for Trixy Bond and on the right a rope effect.

On the left Simon performed a Misers Dream routine with a pair of socks.
On the right Trixy triumphantly holds up the selected card while Simon simply holds up.

Ray Kosby performed a Three-Of-Diamonds too Two-Of-Diamonds transposition,
a torn and restored Ace-Of-Diamonds, and a Jack-In-The-Box routine with a Jack.
Ray ended his set by changing four indifferent cards into the four Kings.

On the left Joel Rindfleisch had Tom Craven assist him with a spell to it card location.
On the right Joel performs a Ring and Rubber Band routine.
Nice work Joel.

Auke Van Dokkum from the Netherlands (my home country) performed a
Coins Across routine followed by a great multiplying coins routine.

On the left Adam Spigel performed a Aces and Kings production.
On the right, and being assisted by Tom Craven, Adam is seen doing an Aces
and Kings to pocket followed by the cards to Fly. His fly not the winged variety.

William Houstoun, my room mate this year, did a nice gambling routine where
first he cut to the Aces followed by a demonstration of estimation cuts.
Very nice work William.

Paul Gordon had Obie select a card and shuffle his card into the deck. Paul then
transformed the stage into a nightclub scene. Paul sang a Frank Sinatra song, drank
his drink, and smoked his cigarette. At the end of the song, Obie's selected card was
found in the cigarette that Paul had been smoking the whole time.

On the left Julien Fombarron performed some of his card work
and on the right he has Joan Caesar select a card.

Next, and on the left, Julien has Obie select a card. The cards were later found back
in the card box. But that was only the beginning. Julien then produced a cell phone
from the same card box, then a second cell phone, and finally a third phone emerged
from the box that obviously could hold no more that one phone without the cards.

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