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Antony Gerard's
Soft Leather Chop Cup.

Antony Gerard's
Soft Leather Chop Cup

Balls sold separately.

Cost = $45.00 plus shipping

Cost with green felt lining = $53.00 plus shipping

What you receive,

Antony Gerard's Soft Leather Chop Cup

Effect; A small ball is removed from a cup,
only to reappear under the cup several times
and under impossible conditions.

The Chop Cup was invented around 1954
by Al Wheatley who performed a Chinese-costumed act
under the name "Chop Chop and thus the name Chop Cup.

The Chop Cup can be handled entirely by the top,
creating a more impossible performance.
The cup and balls are examinable.

Antony Gerard's Soft Leather Chop Cup
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