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Paul Cummins


We flew Paul Cummins up from Florida to perform and lecture at Michigan Magic Day 2000 which was sponsored by The Timid Rabbit Magic And Masquerade Shop, IBM Ring 333 "THE FOX RING", and the Kalamazoo Magic Society. The venue for the event was Western Michigan University. Paul also stayed over and lectured to a group of 13 of our die hards. By the way the day after MMD2000 was Mothers Day. I bet there were many favors exchanged between husbands and wives for allowing the spouses attendance at the Cummins lecture.

If you have never seen Paul lecture, take the time to do so. His lecture was informative as well as inspirational. There is something in it for everyone. After he has performed his material for the group you will think to yourself "No way - I can't do that stuff". Then he shows you how and you are ready to perform the same miracles that you just saw Paul do. Wow what a great performer and person.