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Roger Klause


Roger Klause is a friend of mine that we flew over from Texas to perform and lecture at Michigan Magic Day 2000 which was sponsored by The Timid Rabbit Magic And Masquerade Shop, IBM Ring 333 "THE FOX RING", and the Kalamazoo Magic Society. In my opinion Roger is one of the best magicians and magical ideas people alive today. He totally blew the crowd away and they loved him for it. As a favor to me he performed his Linking Rings routine with patter from Edgar Allen Poe's "THE RAVEN". NOTE; It is now 2002 and people who attended MMD 2000 are still talking about Roger's show.

The day before our convention Roger did a six hour teach in for the gang and after the teach in was over the crowd still wanted more. Which we gave them with performances by Tony Gerard II and Dan Mohill, Ron Jackson, Sean Bugonia, Eugene Tan, and myself Antony Gerard. We will again be hosting Michigan Magic Day in 2004. Don't miss it!!!