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Antony Gerard's

Antony Gerard's Anticipation

Includes instructions, prediction card, and custom deck.

Cost = $18.00 plus shipping

What you receive,

You receive Antony Gerard's Anticipation Deck,
instructions, and a printed prediction card.

Antony Gerard's Anticipation Deck

Effect; The performer places a prediction card,
prediction side down, in a spectators hand.
Next, a spectator freely names any card in a
deck of cards. The performer removes the
named card from the face-up deck. Now the
spectator turns his/her prediction card over.
The prediction card states,
"You will select the only red-backed card from a blue-backed deck."
Now the performer turn the deck face-down
revealing the deck to be a full blue-backed deck.
The spectator now turns his/her freely selected
card face-down and finds that it is indeed the only
red-backed card in the blue-backed deck.

Antony Gerard's Anticipation Deck
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