Antony Gerard Testimonials.

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Antony Gerard Testimonials.

Antony Gerard Testimonials

"To my good friend and great thinker
Antony Gerard, your work is the best."

Thank you Vanni Bossi

"Antony is always amazing me and our magicians.
If you are looking for a fun and educational magic lecture . .
You have found it!
If you are looking for new ideas and inspiration . .
He really brings it all to the table.
His ability to find the right effect at the right moment always impresses me!"

Jeff McBride.

"I once had the opportunity to witness Francis Carlyle perform
the Classic Force. At that moment I knew that I had seen the best.
Today I witnessed Antony Gerard perform his Idiosyncratic Classic Force.
Now I know that I have seen the best!"

J.C. Wagner

"I must say your Idiosyncratic Classic force
fooled me over and over again.
And after your generous explanations
I still cannot believe you did what you said you did."

Johan Stahl

"If you don't know Antony Gerard's magic,
go see it, you will think that you're hallucinating."

Gerald Mainart

"Leave it to my friend Antony Gerard to raise the bar to the very top
by introducing an invisible third hand for the discerning performer.
Miracles never before imagined are now possible with this space age discovery.
You will truly be amazed with the endless applications within this treatise."

Roger Klause

"Antony you fooled the $#!+ out of me!"

Karl Norman

"I had the true pleasure of meeting you and having you fool me badly
last Saturday in Ypsilanti. I have been working through your book
Magic Behind Bars but your level is far, far above my own,
so it is a struggle. As I told my wife when I returned home last Saturday,
I met more than a magician today, I met an artist, and that was you!
It was such a joy to witness your artistry first hand. I've seen a lot
of great magicians up close and personal but I've never seen anything
like your Idiosyncratic Classic Force.
It is masterful to the level of genius.
A joy to behold!"
Thanks, Mark Beyer

Just a note to say thank you for showing me your
extraordinary handling of the Idiosyncratic Classic Force.
I can hardly believe it was possible. It was the highlight of the
(2008) Fechter's Finger Flicking Frolic convention.
I look forward to studying your notes Magic Behind Bars.
Best wishes, Vic Trabucco

You made me feel like a layman again!
Thank you
Virgil McDonald

This guy is Terrific !!!
Antony Gerard's Idiosyncratic Classic Force is the best I have ever seen !!
Thierry MagiKoinS

I'm really impressed by Antony Gerard's magic.
His Idiosyncratic Classic Force is the best I have ever seen.
Pure magic, I use it !!!!"
Eric Roumestan

I met Antony Gerard at the Fechter's Finger Flicking Frolic convention.
He is a great magician and a very nice guy.
His "Idiosyncratic Classic Force" is wonderful,
is the best method I have seen ....
After his last trip to Europe everyone is talking about this!
Ciao, Giacomo Bertini

Antony Gerard's Idiosyncratic Classic Force, is the ultimate weapon.
In 2011, during the Fechter's Finger Flicking Frolic convention,
Antony Gerard was able to use this weapon more than 20 times
on Bebel and Francis Tabary from France.
Bebel and Tabary were completely mesmerized by the strength of
this force and could not comprehend the mechanics behind it.
During the second European Coin Magic Symposium in Milan Italy,
Antony Gerard was able to use this technique
during the Saturday night show
and received a standing ovation.
This force is completely different than the known classic force.
It is a force that makes you think that magic really does exist.
Jean-Emmanuel Franzis