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Antony Gerard's
Card A-Tack Book.

Card A-Tack Book

(Antony Gerard's Top Seller)

Cost = $30.00 plus shipping.

Below are but a few of the
items covered in this Book
Over 150 ideas, routines, and uses for Tack Pads

A Colorful Discovery, The Great Race, Back to Back,
Card A-Tack ideas with playing cards,
Card A-Tack ideas with playing cards and coins,
Card A-Tack ideas with coins, Card A-Tack ideas with dice,
Card A-Tack ideas for mentalists,
Miscellaneous magic ideas for Card A-Tack,
A few added magic ideas for Card A-Tack,
A few Card A-Tack ideas with Balloons, jugglers and clowns,
A few jokes with Card A-Tack,
A few costume and theatrical ideas with Card A-Tack,
Miscellaneous ideas and uses,
Bonus Routine - Sympathetic Decks,
Slights and moved needed,
and Card A-Tack the fifth edition (2008)

Card A-Tack Book And Gimmick (62 Pages)
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(Ground shipping prices are available upon request).
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E-Mail; AntonyGerard@msn.com">
Below is a video clip of Eric Ross performing "Back To Back"
on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. "Back Tp Back" is one of my
routines from Card A-Tack. Eric asked if he could perform it
on Ellen and received my permission to do so.

In my performances, I allow the spectator to spread
both decks and turn over the reversed color cards.
Plus, at the end of my performances, I hand both of
the decks out for examination.