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Antony Gerard's
The Force Deck.

Antony Gerard's
The Force Deck

Includes instructions and gimmick deck

Cost = $12.00 plus shipping

Antony Gerard's The Force Deck
With The Force Deck, there are dozens of
different routines and effects possible.br> One effect being; The performer fans a deck of cards in
front of a spectator's eyes. However, only a brief moment.
Just long enough so that the spectator sees that all of the
faces of the cards are different.
The performer now states that this effect will require a
person with a Photographic Memory. The performer
asks, "Does anyone here have a Photographic Memory?"
The answer is almost always "No". Next the performer
says, "Actually, everyone has a Photographic Memory,
it is just that we do not have the ability to do a conscience
recall." The performer goes on to say, "The images are
there, however, we need help bringing the images out of
our sub-conscience. Through hypnosis it may be possible."

Now the performer waves his/her hands in front of the
spectator's eyes in a hypnotic fashion. The performer
asks the spectator, "Do you remember where the
Jack-of-Diamonds is, or the Ace-of-Spades, or the
Queen-of-Hearts?" The spectator will of course say
"No". The performer says, "Don't be so quick to say No.
Remember the image is in your sub-conscience.

I will fan the deck face down in front of you and ask
that you touch the card that you think is - - - say the
Queen-of-Hearts. Take your time."

The performer now allows the spectator to freely
touch any card. The card that he/she touches is
The Queen-of-Hearts.

Now the performer spreads the deck face up
showing that all of the faces are different.

This effect may seem an impossibility, however, you
you can learn the method and be performing it
within a few minutes.

Yes, it is that easy!

Antony Gerard's The Force Deck
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