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Antony Gerard's
The Vanishing Pen
(Vanishing Tip-Pen).

Antony Gerard's
The Vanishing Pen
(Vanishing Tip-Pen)

Designed and manufactured by
Antony Gerard since 1979

Cost = $20.00 plus shipping

Antony Gerard's
The Vanishing Pen
(Vanishing Tip-Pen)
Each "The Vanishing Pen" ("Vanishing Tip-Pen") comes with
One prepared pen as may be seen in the picture,
one duplicate pen, one miniature duplicate pen,
four pen shells, for when your pen needs replacing,
and the instruction book with several ideas.
Plus, this is a pen that you can write with.

I independently created my "The Vanishing Pen" in 1979, however,
John Cornelius brought to my attention the fact that he mentioned
the idea of "The Vanishing Pen" during a lecture he did in 1978.
I asked for John's permission to continue making the product
and on August 28th 2006, John Cornelius gave me permission
to continue manufacturing "The Vanishing Pen".

Antony Gerard's
The Vanishing Pen
(Vanishing Tip-Pen)
See shipping information below.

The following price is for Priority Mail Shipping
(Ground shipping prices are available upon request).
We also offer combined shipping discounts.
Please contact us for combined shipping costs.

E-Mail; AntonyGerard@msn.com">