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Phobia House is a Michigan haunted house with a twist - or is that a twisted side? PHOBIA HOUSE.


A haunted house with a twist - Or is that a twisted side?

You can run, you can hide, you can even pretend
that you are not afraid. But when our evil clowns are at
your heels you will run for your life and run you should because
calling them evil is one of the nicer things that you can say about them.

The pictures below show scenes from
Phobia House 2001 through 2011.
Not all scenes are present year after year.
We change the theme every year and
We change many scenes, rooms, and
characters to keep things fresh.

This year we have again changed EVERYTHING!!!!!!
Every room and hall has been rebuilt.

Above is our head evil clown and operations chairman
Professional stuntman / magician
Tony Gerard II (aka Tonywise the clown).

Above and to the left is our giant (5 foot by 8 foot) clown face that was painted by Brandt Marshall. On the right (like I had to introduce them) Shaggy 2 Dope and Violent J from Insane Clown Posse.
Both worked in Phobia House in 2002.
They and their crew were some of the best people I have ever worked with.
Great job and we hope to have you back.

Two pictures of Tomass the clown. With our three clowns, Tonywise, Tomass and Niko at the heels of our victims the tours always seemed to move along quickly. Our clowns are also available for childrens birthday parties.

The picture on the left shows some of the props in our clown room and on the right is the exit corridor from the clown room in 2003.

On the left is one of the 3D painting in the clown room.
Also painted by Brant Marshall.
On the right our clown room as it existed in our first Phobia House.
As you can see we are constantly improving the rooms.
We have some major improvements in store for 2003.

On the left is one of the 3D painting from our 3D halls.
Also painted by Brant Marshall.
The picture on the right shows one of the 3D paintings done by Antony Gerard the creator of Phobia House.

The painting of the devil bat on the left was done by
Tony Gerard (Our operations chairman).
On the right is the skeleton corridor which leads to the 3D halls.

Pictured on the left are some of our jail cells with creatures hidden.
On the right is bloody Pete in the Demon room.

Not all of the masks in the Jason hall are lifeless.
If you look at the last mask you may see that there is a body attached (With knives!!!!).
To the right is a picture of our Octagon room.
The shot was taken looking down from our catwalk.
One of the victims is asked to choose one of the eight doorways.
Choose wisely because only one doorway leads to safety.
The others you really don't want to open!!!!!!!!

On the left is Fred Western our resident


scientist hard at work in the lab.
Marty Ransford, on the right, was kind enough to loan us his head as a decoration in the lab.

The Morgue.
On the left are two of the coffins. On the right one of the same coffins with one of the morgues inhabitants (Theresa Taylor) lying in wait.

The Morgue.
On the left one of our deadlies (Schera Swagerty) lying in wait for another group of victims to come by. The picture on the right shows a coffin after one of the deadlies escaped. She is now wandering mindlessly in the haunt looking for food and she is not on a DIE-et.

To the left are a few of the lost souls from our Demon room. The three stooges on the right are the walking dead from our cemetary / swamp.

On the left is the bridge leading into the cemetary / swamp. While on the right, one of the swamps flying (FCG) ghosts.

The rat pictured above is over 4 feet long.
He runs at nearly 30 MPH, has long dripping fangs, and glowing red eyes.
Lucky for our victims he doesn't climb trees.
The house on the right is the swamp house and home of our chainsaw wielding maniac.
You may want to ignore this fiends welcome mat.

We have a number of exits but not all are safe.
The one pictured to the left you should avoid like the plague.
The picture on the right shows what you might encounter behind one of the fake exits.
Only opening the doors will reveal if it is a true or fake exit.

On the left is our Space 3D room.
A nice relaxing room if you like wide open spaces.
You never know what or who you may encounter in our deep, dark, damp halls.
On the right one of our hosts (Corey) greets a tour that made a wrong turn.

On the left is another view of our Demon and beast infested jails.
Pictured on the right is another of our coffin deadlies (Jennifer).

On the left is Bloody Pete (Pete) our resident crazy and on the right
hanging in the kitchen is one of his victims both from PHOBIA HOUSE 2001.

On the left is another view of our lab and on the right a view of the maniacs dinner table.

Above is Chet our resident maniac.

Our Phobia House Skull Logo.

Above is our creator (Antony Gerard) out for a midnight walk.

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