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Phobia House is a Michigan haunted house with a twist - or is that a twisted side? PHOBIA HOUSE


The live suspension team

Escape Suspension

will be performing at Phobia House
all night on Tuesday October the 29th 2013.
From 7:15 PM through closing that night.

They will be skewering, hooking,
and and hanging themselves from the rafters
all for your entertainment pleasure.

On October 29 the pain and the blood will be real!
And the cost for this very special

Phobia House Tour

will stay the same.
Still only $15.00

We challenge you to


A haunted house with a twist - Or is that a twisted side?

Halloween 2013 is creeping up, and for all of our Michigan and out of state victims (guests),
that means tons of screams, squeals, shrieks, and cries in the night, as you wander through
our phobia infested nightmare that we call Phobia House,
one of Michigan's premier haunted attractions!
This year, the


anniversary of Phobia House, has Phobia House staff and the Scream Team on a rampage!
Phobia House 2013 will be longer and better than ever before! So bring your running shoes
and a friend because you will not want to wander the halls of Phobia House alone this year.
For updates go to the Phobia House Information page.
Check back often for more updates.

Cost; $15.00 (Cash Only)

Ticket sales start at 7:15 PM and end at 11:30 PM
Phobia House is a tour guided haunted attraction
Approximate tour time is 18 to 25 minutes

Phobia House

Consecutively voted one of the best and scariest haunted attractions in Michigan

Phobia House 2013 will again be open between Kalamazoo and Plainwell Michigan.
Located in the old Plainwell Rollerworld building.

The physical address is;

Phobia House
84 North Douglas
Plainwell, Michigan 49080
Phone; 269-599-4328

The dictionary definition of Phobia is an irrational
or very powerful fear and dislike of something.
For example; Spiders, Snakes, Rats, Clowns, or Confined Spaces.
Well if that is what a Phobia is can you imagine what
a Phobia House might be!

Phobia House is not recommended for people with
Heart conditions and pregnant women.
Phobia house is a traditional haunt, a 3D haunt,
And a phobia infested nightmare.

We challenge you to

Face Your Fears! or

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